LINZ Fast-Tracking

Surveyors and property lawyers have a few things in common: besides being great at parties, we’re both focused on getting our clients’ subdivisions completed as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We also both know that waiting for approval from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) isn’t the most fun part of the subdivision process, particularly when our clients are working to a strict time frame. In fact, when titles need to be issued in a hurry, the standard 25 working days can seem like an eternity.

How does fast-tracking through LINZ work?

During the standard subdivision process, the Survey Plan and title request are lodged separately by the lawyer and the surveyor. Under LINZ’s standard time frames each process can be around between 10 – 12 working days being reviewed and approved.

When an application is fast-tracked, the survey and title documents are lodged at the same time (within 24 hours of each other), along with a fast-track request submitted through a quick and easy online form. Receiving both documents together means LINZ can complete the survey and title processes at the same time, bringing the processing time down to approximately 12 working days.

What do property lawyers need to know?

  1. The fast-track process is very simple, but it does require a bit of coordination. We recommend early and continuous communication between the surveyor and the lawyer, to make sure everyone is working to the same time frame.
  2. A fast-track application can only be submitted when the surveyor and lawyer both have their respective documents completed, and the 224C Certificate has been issued by Council. Sometimes this means the subdivision process is briefly put on hold while one party waits for the other to complete their documentation, but it’s worth it to shorten the overall process.
  3. If the plan or dealing are requisitioned by LINZ, the time frame reverts to the standard 25 working days.

We’re big fans of the fast-track system: we believe in getting things done as quickly and efficiently as possible, so we can finish one successful project and move on to the next!

We are here to help with this process.