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Look at our trucks, that’s proper rural dirt in those wheel arches, it’s because we are happy in the country. Rural is what we do best, that is why we are the best townies for rural surveying.


Thinking of subdividing your land but unsure where to start? We’re here to help. Our detailed proposals outline not only our fees but all costs related to the subdivision, painting a clear picture of what is involved.

ROW & Easements

An easement is a non-possessory interest in another’s land that entitles the holder only to the right to use the land in a specified manner.

Limited title definitions

Getting the ‘Limitations’ removed takes more than a normal survey, because the age of existing boundary fences, physical occupation and a whole lot of other bits need to be taken into account.

Boundary adjustments

A boundary adjustment is the subdivision of two or more existing titles, where we amend the boundaries to create different sized and shaped allotments.

Boundary definition

A boundary definition is where we locate and where necessary, re-peg the boundary positions in the correct location as determined from the original and latest survey work in the area

AMF claim

This isn’t just someone’s initials. AMF stands for ‘ad medium filum aquae’ which is basically Latin for ‘to the middle line of the water’

Civil Engineering Design, Contract Documentation & Administration

Our engineers provide detailed civil and environmental engineering design and contract administration for all types of development proposals

As-built surveys

An as-built survey shows the state of a development during or at the end of construction.

Do you need a survey firm you can trust will work to a high standard for a fair price?

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Very accurate and detailed quote, great communication throughout the whole process, reasonable price. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Min H

Awesome team of people make subdividing as straightforward a process as possible.

Katrina E