Boundary adjustment


What is it?

A boundary adjustment is the subdivision of two or more existing titles, where we amend the boundaries to create different sized and shaped allotments. There is a common misunderstanding that a boundary adjustment doesn’t need council consent, nor a full survey, however, unfortunately, that is not true. Both are required.

Why you might need it

The reasons why people undertake boundary adjustments are many and varied. Generally, where there is an existing title, existing development contributions come with them (not always, but mostly). So, if you are proposing to develop a site that covers three existing titles, and you are building five new dwellings, generally you would get a credit for the three existing Development Contributions and only pay on two. So there are often very good financial reasons to use these credits by way of a boundary adjustment.

Also, most District Plans have special provisions for boundary adjustments, including allowing undersized lots if they are already existing – each District Plan is different but there are often these little things that you may not pick up on yourself if you are just looking at zone rules.

In rural situations often the legal boundaries do not fit the fenced boundaries, and this is also often a reason to adjust the boundaries – to fit occupation. So although there is not usually any Development Contributions applicable to a ‘lot for lot’ boundary adjustment, the survey costs are more or less the same as for creating a new additional lot, however, Council costs usually exclude Development Contributions and in some cases, any servicing that may be required.

How we help

We help by working out where there are advantages in using existing titles to reduce development costs where there is already more than one title. Sometimes it is best to leave a title untouched as part of a development if it is no longer capable of being created, for a rainy day. Other times there are advantages in using everything you own to achieve the end result. In all cases, we can provide pretty fine advice.

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Client feedback

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Amazing to deal with and extremely efficient with my boundary adjustment.

Susan H