Who we help

Our priority is to provide expert advice and deliver a standard of service that exceeds your expectations.


Who we help

Find out how we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. If you already know what you need, contact our team here.

Residential landowners

Every residential project receives our full attention to ensure we understand your objectives and deliver an accurate and fairly priced solution to help you achieve your goal.

Rural & lifestyle owners

When you are making informed decisions about subdividing your property, developing a site or making changes to your boundary, detailed information and first-class advice are essential, that is what we do best.

CBS Members

Survus are proud to be the preferred land-surveying provider to the CBS Co-op and its members. This means that we provide you a 10% discount, and a 5% rebate on all of our surveying services you use


We gather the most up to date information of the site which helps you complete your design with accurate information


Need to book a survey for a Setout and/or Building Location Certificate? We can supply these services in a timely fashion so you can proceed with your building project with confidence.


Your best interests are at the forefront of what we do to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget. The relationships we have with industry professionals helps us avoid project complications and delays throughout the process.

Real estate agents

Can your client subdivide? Do you need an idea of the cost to update a Cross Lease? We can answer your questions within 5 minutes on our live chat.

Property lawyers

Have an easement question? Need more information on a cross lease? Due diligence on a property? We give you the advice you need.

Our knowledge and experience will give your project the best chance of success.

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Client feedback

Why we do what we do

We worked alongside a client to investigate consentability on a property with many layers of difficult compliance standards. Here is what he had to say:

Thank you very much for your very full and informative service. I would like to thank you, the advisers, and consultants at Survus who have championed the cause of so many in trying to get the applications over the line. Throughout the process everyone has been such strong advocates - not leaving a stone unturned when looking at possibilities. Wow, what a journey we have been on. I certainly have no regrets. A regret would have been not giving it a go. Please pass on my sincere gratitude to Hamish for all his initial work and consultation which started the journey and to yourself who have kept us so informed of the process and the best path to follow.

Rob Falconer

I have worked alongside Survus for many years as a Planner so are very happy to say Survus stand out in their field for a number of reasons.

They are very genuine and care about people and doing the best job possible for their clients. They are honest, trustworthy and their word is their word. They go the extra mile in providing you with the information you need to decide whether a project is viable for you.

They will tell you if a project is not likely to get consent rather than mislead you. They understand what clients need to know, their budgets and time constraints. They support their clients through the process of land development until the completion of the project. They treat everyone with respect and courtesy.

In summary, Survus understand land development, business, people and the importance of honesty. It is hard to find all of these attributes in business today so that is why they get five stars from me.

Kim Logan