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We understand the time constraints on building projects so we work hard to work in with you to meet those deadlines.

Building location certificate

Otherwise known as a BLC, This document confirms that the building is in the right place, at the right height, and lets the council breathe a bit easier

Building or grid setout

Sometimes it can be hard for the builder to work out where to build your new house. Building or grid set outs show in crystal clear detail exactly where the building will go.

Site levels

Site levels are the bare minimum you’ll require to competently prepare a building design on a site. This process is ideal for a new site or a site that is to be cleared of all buildings for new development.

Finished floor level

FFL stands for Finished Floor Level. It may sound like a rude military acronym, but FFLs are super important if you don’t want wet feet.

Topo Survey

Topographical surveys are the big brother of site levels surveys, detailing the features on the site...

Boundary pegging

The Ancient Greeks used boundary pegs, so we’re proud to be a part of the age-old tradition of hammering stakes into the ground.


Never subdivided before? We make it easy for you, take advantage of our free onsite consultation to discuss the process and your options.

As-built surveys

An as-built survey shows the state of a development during or at the end of construction.

Need surveyors, who are proficient, communicate well & get on-site when you need?

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Client feedback

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We love working with Survus. They are always reliable, prompt and very happy to help Peter Ray Homes with an urgent job. Survus always returns their reports and BLC's in a very timely manner.

Alison K

We've used Survus Consultants many times now and would have no reason to look elsewhere. We mainly build high end, large architectural homes so we really need to engage surveyors who are highly skilled, communicate well and can be on-site when we need them. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Survus they're excellent to deal with.

Marie Parsons Construction