Boundary Pegs


What are Boundary Pegs?

A boundary peg is a physical peg placed by a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor to define the legal boundary of a parcel of land. A boundary mark is commonly a large wooden peg, chamfered at the top and painted white, or an alloy or stainless-steel disk marked “boundary mark” and anchored into a fence post or into the concrete.

Why you may need new Boundary Pegs?

Boundary pegs do exactly what they say on the tin; they’re pegs that mark a boundary (funny that). Boundary pegging has become quite a complex task, now that we are required by LINZ to submit an eSurvey dataset for any new or replacement boundary peg placed. Before you decide that this is what you must have, give us a call and discuss your needs and we will see if we can save you some money. With some of the other options available, there may be a better option that provides a similar result for a lot less gold.

How we help

It is important to get this looked into early, failure to establish the correct lot boundaries can be a major headache and financial burden if discovered after any building or fencing has taken place. We can show you the boundaries of your property to an absolute certainty. Our surveyors will provide you with the advice and expertise you need whilst completing the work according to the legal requirements

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