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As with all our services, we try to keep processes clean and simple. All it needs is an email, phone call or fill in the enquiry form with a few details, so we can get a proposal to you. This will highly likely be the best value and service for you and your clients.

Site levels

Site levels are the bare minimum you’ll require to competently prepare a building design on a site. This process is ideal for a new site or a site that is to be cleared of all buildings for new development.

Topographical survey

Topographical surveys are the big brother of site levels surveys, detailing the features on the site...

Pre-demolition survey

So you’ve got a building you want to replace with something a bit newer, a bit shinier, with 100% less ivy? This is where a pre-demolition survey is necessary.

Building location fixes

If you are adding onto a building, this is what you need. You can see a building on-site, as can we. But no-one but us can accurately advise as to its exact location to the nth degree

Finished floor levels

FFL stands for Finished Floor Level. It may sound like a rude military acronym, but FFLs are super important if you don’t want wet feet.

Civil Design and Drainage

Don’t let your brand new subdivision turn out to be just another paddock with puddles. We take care of all the work required for the development of your paddock into a masterpiece without puddles.

Civil Engineering Design, Contract Documentation & Administration

Our engineers provide detailed civil and environmental engineering design and contract administration for all types of development proposals

We provide accurate and fast surveying services for architects throughout Canterbury.

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Survus have been our preferred surveying company for 5+ years, great service, professional surveyors, always on time.

Very friendly, efficient team. Great to deal with.

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