Civil Engineering Design


Detailed Civil Engineering Design and Contract Documentation and Administration.

What is this process and what does it entail?

Any development that has any subdivision works or roading and drainage works involved will require this process. This ensures all work undertaken is built to the required specification and allows for the Council to approve and accept the works as ‘built for purpose’.

Why you need a civil engineering design?

Civil design is the technical design work that is carried out to enable a contractor to build the required works. Plans need to be completed, which show how and where things are to be constructed. This will enable a contractor to build the required design correctly. You will also be required to get Local or Regional Council approval to proceed with the works. Generally, any time that a civil contractor will be carrying out works a civil contract will be required. The standard contract that is used in New Zealand is NZS 3910. A contract ensures that any works carried out are certified by our team as the Engineer and are completed as contractually required.

How we help

Our engineers provide detailed civil and environmental engineering design and contract administration for all types of development proposals. We provide the following services;

  • Liaise with the Council regarding engineering and other design issues
  • Liaison with Power, Enable/Chorus and Streetlighting designers if required, coordinate designs.
  • Complete engineering plans and all supporting reports for consent from Local or Regional Council
  • Submission of plans for approval
  • Contract documentation (schedule, contract and specifications)
  • Tendering of the contract to suitable contractors
  • Analysis of tenders and recommendation of award
  • Issuing a set of approval plans to the contractor for construction.

We also supervise all aspects of the construction and contract administration. This includes weekly site meeting site visits and inspections when required, certification of all civil construction works and processing of progress claims. We will be “engineer to the contract” as per NZS 3910.

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