Things we don't do


Things we don't do

We are pretty talented, but there are a few thing's we leave to others

Do you do Quantity Surveying?

Although we can count and read plans, quantity surveying isn’t really our bag. Sorry. No need to contact us. Go back to Google and add ‘Quantity’, not ‘Quality’. See what we did there?

We can recommend Andrew Stevens 03 313 5233 to help you out with this.

Do you do HAIL assessments and Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI's)

Another very good and relevant question. But no – we don’t do these at present. But here again, we do work with a carefully selected bunch of guys who do do them (two do’s that is) and we are very happy to share our knowledge with you in this department too.

Do you do mechanical repairs?

We’re really good at civil engineering, surveying, subdividing and that sort of thing. Some of us can fix things, but with our fleet of several vehicles even we go elsewhere to get them fixed. No, not us. No need to contact us.

Do you do plumbing?

Last time we checked the wording on side of the ute, plumbing wasn’t a service we offered, so sorry, but we don’t do plumbing. We would have to admit good reliable plumbers are hard to find so if you do find one, let us know. No need to contact us.

Do you knit?

Sorry we don’t do knitting, although Hamish’s mum can sew. Pretty good at it too, even though she is over eighty. Don’t contact her – she’s busy sewing.

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Things we do do...

Although we don't do the above, we are pretty good at all of this stuff, if we say so ourselves.


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