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We like to think that we are an investor's best friend. We can provide you with a one-stop shop for all the necessary land development advice you require.


Never subdivided before? We make it easy for you, by providing a comprehensive fee proposal which outlines everything you’ll need to know about subdividing.

Infrastructure assessments

An infrastructure assessment is a report that looks at the location and condition of existing services, to assess the area for future infrastructure requirements for future development.

OPH developments

Older Persons Housing Developments also referred to as OPH (yes – another acronym). We love these, as do the older people who live in them.

Preliminary civil design

Following on from the infrastructure report is usually the solutions in the way of a Preliminary Civil design that outlines what is intended for the proposed development or subdivision being submitted to Council.

Greenfields subdivision

We know the backs of our hands pretty well, and we know about subdivisions about the same, so we can do the lot from beginning to end. We have been big on these since 1957.

Civil Engineering Design, Contract Documentation & Administration

Our engineers provide detailed civil and environmental engineering design and contract administration for all types of development proposals

Civil Design and Drainage

Don’t let your brand new subdivision turn out to be just another paddock with puddles. We take care of all the work required for the development of your paddock into a masterpiece without puddles.

Get your next project off the ground with our proficient and knowledgeable team.

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All aspects of the engagement with Survus were excellent. Prompt communication, professional service, and competitive pricing. I would definitely use Survus again and recommend them

Phil S