Coles Field Subdivision Entrance

Roading, Right of Way (ROW) and car park design

What is it?

Depending on the Council your property is located, any development of more than two or three lots is likely to require either ROW or Road design. This is called civil engineering, and we have staff on board that do that stuff all day. What looks simple when the contractors turn up with the diggers and rollers, has most likely got pages and pages of plans, specifications and documentation to support its inception. This is an often-overlooked portion of the project, and in a lot of instances the Engineering design, project management, supervision and sign off is way more than the survey input. This is the ‘hard stuff’ that has to last for years before it packs up, which is why Council want to see that it is designed correctly, constructed correctly, and signed off by someone that can take the flak should it turn to custard.

Why you might need it

If you are doing a subdivision of more than a couple of lots, doing a commercial development with access and parking, or doing anything on the hill involving access and drainage, the chances are you will need this. Although it seems like an expensive layer of fees that is barely seen, it is better than having your development constructed by cowboys who disappear as soon as the cookie crumbles.

How we help

We help by undertaking this very important part of the process for you. We do all the engineering on our own developments in-house, but not only that, we also do work for other developers who need this done where they are doing a commercial development without the need for subdivision.

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