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Other things we do

We have a few extra hidden talents you may need so check these out here.

Boundary definition

Boundary definition or reinstatement survey are done under the direction of a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor.

Boundary adjustment

A boundary adjustment is the subdivision of two or more existing titles, where we amend the boundaries to create different sized and shaped allotments.

Easement plans

Is a nonpossessory interest in another’s land that entitles the holder only to the right to use the land in the specified manner

AMF claim

This isn’t just someone’s initials. AMF stands for ‘ad medium filum aquae’ which is basically Latin for ‘to the middle line of the water’

As-built surveys

An as-built survey shows the state of a development during or at the end of construction.

Roading & car park design

Don’t let your brand-new subdivision turn out to be just another paddock with puddles.

Civil Engineering Design, Contract Documentation & Administration

Our engineers provide detailed civil and environmental engineering design and contract administration for all types of development proposals

Limited Titles

At the time the first title was issued for that land, a guaranteed title could not be issued as there were concerns the existing surveys and land records for the land may not have been quite up to scratch.

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