Boundary Definition

Boundary Definition or Reinstatement Survey


What is a boundary definition?

A boundary definition is where we locate and where necessary re-peg the boundary positions in the correct location as determined from the original and latest survey work in the area. Boundary definitions are done under the direction of a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor. Re-surveyed boundary dimensions may differ to the original survey for reasons such as earthquake movement or more accurate surrounding definitions. They will always require a survey plan to support any official survey marks placed in the ground, which is lodged with Land Information NZ (LINZ).

Why undertake a boundary definition

Physical features such as fences and vegetation are not always on the legal boundary. Boundary definitions are undertaken if survey pegs are required to be placed on any boundary for reasons such as positioning a new structure or fence, to confirm vacant site dimensions prior to sale, help resolve boundary disputes and to ascertain boundary positions after earthquakes. Boundary positions are determined by the surveyor once they have undertaken all their checks and balances (both in the field and in the office).

Why engage Survus?

We can show you the boundaries of your property with certainty. Our surveyors will provide you with the advice and expertise you need while completing the work according to the legal requirements. They may also provide alternative solutions that may be cheaper if it isn’t official pegs you require – just talk to us about this.

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