OPH Developments


What is an ‘Older Persons Housing’ Development?

Older Persons Housing Developments also referred to as OPH (yes – another acronym). This is where Council has allowed for smaller units to be developed, specifically for those getting on in life, often on sites that can’t be developed in any other way, but has restricted their occupancy to at least one occupant of each unit to be aged over 60 years.

Also, you can’t do just one of these – they are referred to as Units – so at least two are required. These are peculiar to Christchurch City Council, although some of the other councils do have other provisions available as well (ask us about this too). Council rules restrict these to no more than 120m², and they are also required to be subdivided under the Unit Titles Act, so as Council can amend the Body Corporate rules to ensure the age compliance. We love these, as do the older people who live in them.

Why would I undergo an OPH development?

This option is ideal for smaller sites that can’t be subdivided in other ways, (like the typical 809m² 32 perch section) and are ideal on main roads, busy corners and most other places that younger people would not desire to live. Nothing like sitting in your rocker watching the world go by! The purchasers of these developed units are usually older persons from within the same area, who can usually sell their older full-sized dwelling and purchase a new one of these for similar money. If you have a site that can’t be subdivided as an in-fill, give us a call about this option – you may be surprised what can be achieved.

Why engage Survus?

We are very experienced in this type of subdivision and have completed dozens of OPH developments over the last 20 years or so. We can put you in touch with designers and builders who can work with you on these projects, as the dwellings will need to be built to enable titles to issue. We offer good advice as to locations where these will likely work well, and can also put you in touch with good sales agents who will ensure you get the best prices for these finished units.

Want to know more about developing OPH units?

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