Unit Title Subdivision


What is Unit Title subdivision?

This type of subdivision has the need for a Body Corporate and as such has ongoing costs and legal requirements to satisfy the relevant legislation set out in the Unit Titles Act. A lot of developments historically subdivided by Unit Title can be done under fee-simple tenure, and if we can avoid this type of tenure we will. However in some circumstances, they are the best option, particularly where there are multiple units with a lot of common areas requiring central management, and we embrace them in these situations.

Why undertake Unit Title Plans?

Unit Title Plans or UTPs (yes, we love acronyms) are usually used to show multiple units on one site, sometimes over several floors, such as apartments – especially where there are shared areas such as gardens, parking, common greens, hallways etc. These Subdivisions are done under the Unit Titles Act (and this is a bit of a can of worms if you don’t know your way around it).

Why engage Survus?

We are very experienced in this type of subdivision and have completed 100’s of Unit Title subdivisions since we started in 1957. We stand by our name of Survus (Surv-us) to ensure you get the “service” you deserve when embarking on a project like this. We want to find the best long-term tenure for your development to ensure that the end result delivers for the on-going needs of the people owning and living in these developments.

Need to discuss a Unit Title subdivision?

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