In-fill Subdivision


What is an in-fill subdivision?

These types of subdivisions involve subdividing an existing property within a “residential” zone of a city or town into two or more smaller allotments, usually where existing services and infrastructure are already in place. Usually, this development only requires minor servicing and construction works, with little disruption to the existing property being subdivided. With residential zoning changes occurring in Christchurch recently, many landowners don’t even know they can now subdivide.

Why do an in-fill subdivision?

In-fill subdivisions are generally the cheapest form of subdivision, as generally there are existing services and infrastructure that just need extending or adding to. This gives you the ability to sell the land and retain your original dwelling on a reduced area. Alternatively, you can also build a new dwelling on the section that has been subdivided. In-fill subdivision is a great way to convert your backyard into cash, and is often a tax-free activity, depending on your circumstances and the amount of work required to complete the subdivision.

Why engage Survus?

The process of obtaining a subdivision consent is often extensive and exhausting, and we can take care of it all for you, saving you time, stress and money. With our extensive in-house services, we make it easy to achieve a profitable return on your existing property. If you are considering subdividing anywhere in Canterbury or Auckland, let our experienced team show you just how easy the entire process can be using our expertise and knowledge.

Our proposals outline not only our fees but all costs involved in an in-fill subdivision.


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