Building location fixes


What is it?

If you are adding on to a building, this is what you need. Lots of people think they need pegs, but trying to line up pegs on a 50m boundary and offset the existing building by eye is a skill, not many possess. We go on-site and locate the building by a survey, and calculate where it sits on-site mathematically, from which we can provide boundary offset measurements and the like for the architect. To the last millimetre. You can’t do that with tape. And you don’t need pegs either – often they are just an expensive extra.

Why you might need it

Generally, we would do these for an existing dwelling or building on an already established site, where there is to be something added to it. Or if there is a building that looks close to the boundary (or too close and over it!) – we can fix the building and provide an accurate location relevant to whatever you want it relevant to.

How we help

We help by providing this information first, prior to any real design being undertaken. Often in conjunction with site levels and topo plan, or often just on its own. It is vital information for your designer – tape measures are good, and so are fences, but there is nothing like finding out your fence is 12 inches out once the concrete is poured – don’t be a cheapskate – get this info first.

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