Pre-Demolition Survey


What is a Pre-Demolition Survey?

The pre-demolition survey is very similar to the topo survey, except we also include the height and location of the buildings on site. This is important if the existing building is in a non-complying location but has existing use rights. It allows us to show the designer the building envelope available under the existing use rights and has been used extensively following the earthquakes.

Why you need this?

So you’ve got a building you want to replace with something a bit newer, a bit shinier, with 100% less ivy? This is where a pre-demolition survey is necessary. Particularly if the existing building is sitting in a non-complying location that you want to replicate.

How we help

We undertake these for you and provide you with a dataset that gives you the building envelope of the existing structures and buildings on site. This is usually provided in digital format to the end-user (designer etc.).

Our team have a wealth of knowledge on pre-demolition surveys.

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