Finished Floor Levels


What is it?

Finished Floor Levels (or FFL’s in another language) are usually a reduced level imposed by Council for the floor level of a new building being erected in an area that may be at risk of inundation. They are pretty important if you want to keep your feet dry. They basically guarantee that if you comply with this, it is highly likely that in a 100 or 200-year flood event, you will be the only house left in the street with dry carpet.

Why you might need it

This is usually required in an area that is at risk of being inundated (with water that is) and it gives Council comfort that they won’t be responsible for a huge insurance claim. These have generally been set by computer modelling, and are provided either in the District Plan or at PIM or Building Consent stage for a new development. It is up to the builder to ensure he uses a surveyor to provide or check this (usually before the concrete has been poured is helpful).

How we help

We help by attending on-site and setting the level in terms of a known benchmark. Often these benchmarks are well away from the site, so we use our cool survey gear to transfer these levels to the site and sign you off. Seems simple, but really important in some parts of town.

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