Building Setout


An indication of the work involved in a setout.

Confirm your quote and we will schedule your surveyor.
Pre site calculations completed in the office.
Surveyor goes on-site to complete the survey work.
Post fieldwork & finalise setout document.

What is a Building Setout?

This kind of survey is very important when preparing for any type of construction work. A set-out survey involves transferring a building design onto the land itself so the builders can follow it during construction. During the process, key points are established, and markers used to guide the building process and ensure accuracy.

Why you may need a Building Setout?

Having your building set out by a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor at Survus can save you a lot of time and cost further down the track. The consequences of a building being in the incorrect place can be expensive.

So when are they needed?

  • When building anything from a small dwelling to a major commercial building or high rise
  • Doing any extensions to existing buildings

How we help

We will require a copy of your approved Building Consent Plans sent through to us prior to us coming out on site, as we pre-calculate all this stuff in the office before turning up on site. It is much easier to do this at a desk than on the bonnet of the ute in the rain. Once we have been on-site, we will need to do more calculations in the office and prepare a diagram, showing you what we have set out. Plans are prepared digitally and presented in digital and/or plotted formats and delivered electronically.

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