Topographical Survey


What is a topographical survey?

Topographical surveys identify the existing ground levels and changes in contour, as wells as physical structures, landscape features and services on or under the land. A topographical survey is typically translated into a digital or hard-copy format as a basis for building design and future land development. As a result, the relationship of any features or structures (ie fences or buildings) can be determined to the legal boundaries.

Why you may need a topographical survey

There are many different reasons why a topographic survey could be needed for a property but they are usually needed by an architect or survey engineer to work on the design for a property (a dwelling or subdivision layout etc). These plans show more detail than just site levels and are particularly important if your designer is working around trees and site features that are to remain.

How we help

As well as using traditional surveying methods, we also employ a roving GPS unit to conduct topographical surveys. We can conduct surveys in almost any location with seamless precision. The accuracy of our surveys and resultant plans will save you on time and money during design.

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