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Survus are the preferred CBS Co-op land surveyors

We are proud to be the preferred land-surveying provider to the CBS Co-op and its members. This means that we provide you a 10% discount, and a 5% rebate on all of our surveying services you use.

If you have a project needing to be undertaken, either now or in the future, please get in touch with us and let us provide expert advice and the best price specifically for your project. We also offer free property advice about whether something is capable of development - whatever the need, we are ready to be of Survus to you.

Our Services

The following are services that your business is likely using, (or should be) when the need arises;

Topo Survey

Topographical surveys are the big brother of site levels surveys, detailing the features on the site.

Site Levels

Site levels are the bare minimum you’ll require to competently prepare a building design on a site.

Building setout

Building or grid set outs show in crystal clear detail exactly where the building will go.

Building location certificate

Otherwise known as a BLC, This document confirms that the building is in the right place, at the right height, and lets the council breathe a bit easier.

Boundary pegs

The Ancient Greeks used boundary pegs, so we’re proud to be a part of the age-old tradition of hammering stakes into the ground

Finished floor levels

FFL stands for Finished Floor Level. It may sound like a rude military acronym, but FFLs are super important if you don’t want wet feet.


Thinking of subdividing your land but unsure where to start? We’re here to help. Our free detailed proposals outline not only our fees but all costs related to the subdivision, painting a clear picture of what is involved.

ROW & Easements

An easement is a non-possessory interest in another’s land that entitles the holder only to the right to use the land in a specified manner.

CBS Feedback

I have found that the deal that Survus have offered our shareholders enables them to access services that they wouldn’t be able to other wise. A very professional company to deal with that certainly know property.

Carl Taylor

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