Opportunities with the Proposed Selwyn District Plan

The Proposed Selwyn District Plan (Proposed Plan) was notified on 5 October 2020. The Proposed Plan sets out the environmental outcomes and rules for development within the District for the next 10-15 years.

The Proposed Plan does not zone any additional land for urban development, notwithstanding the new NPS-UD which requires Councils to be responsive to development proposals which supply significant additional development capacity (further explained below). The Council has indicated it will rely on submitters to put forward proposals for urban re-zoning i.e. a developer lead approach.

So – NOW is the opportunity to request additional zoning, or other changes which will enhance and/or protect your property and environmental interests. Submissions must be lodged by 11 December 2020.

National Policy Statement – Urban Development

The NPS-UD 2020 is part of the Government’s response to the housing affordability crisis. It requires Councils to ensure that their plans make room for growth both ‘up’ and ‘out’, and that rules are not unnecessarily constraining growth.

Councils must be ‘responsive’ to plan changes which supply significant additional housing and business development capacity even where located outside identified future growth areas in existing planning documents. Such proposals should contribute to well functioning urban environments and generally be in locations which are well connected to jobs and urban amenities (shops, schools etc.) including by existing or possible public transport.

Within existing urban areas, plans must enable housing development which is at least six storeys high where within, or within walking distance of, city and metropolitan centre zones and existing or planned rapid transit stops.

Implications for Greater Christchurch

Currently a hard and fast, immovable urban/rural boundary line applies to Greater Christchurch – as set in the Canterbury Regional Policy Statement. This approach to urban growth is inconsistent with the NPS-UD and cannot continue. The NPS-UD ‘opens the door’ for urban growth proposals to be considered by district councils on their merits.

How we can help

Please feel free to contact us if you would like further information or advice on how the Proposed Selwyn District Plan may affect you, or if you wish us to make a submission on your behalf. Given the limited timeframe for submissions – don’t delay!!!

You may have property or environmental interests outside the Selwyn District. We will be very happy to provide further advice and information on how the NPS-UD may affect you. The Proposed Waimakariri District Plan will be notified in approximately March 2021, and will provide an equivalent opportunity for submissions.

Don’t delay – submissions close on 11 December 2020!

Our team are excited to talk to you about your upcoming project