Subdivision Podcast Interview

Subdividing your land.

A subdivision is a term for splitting a piece of land into individual lots. It can range from a basic residential 2-lot in-fill development (dividing off the back yard with minor servicing requirements) to multi-lot Greenfield developments that include new roads and services like drainage, water, power, telecom etc., to rural-residential and lifestyle developments, farm subdivisions and boundary adjustments, and high country subdivisions requiring 4WD access a lot of walking by our specialist rural teams.

For anyone who hasn't done it before, subdividing is a complex process for the uninitiated. By engaging Survus Consultants to undertake your development, you can ensure the process is completed on time and on budget, saving you time, stress and equally as important, money.



The Property Academy Podcast is a daily show that gives you insight, analysis and strategies for how to get the most out of the NZ property market.

In this episode, we are joined by, special guest, Hamish Frizzell from Survus Land Surveyors to discuss subdividing. Hamish has almost 30 years experience in subdivisions and Survus has been in business for the last 63 years.

Hamish walks us through how subdividing can result in significant gains for the willing property investor ... but it does require significant investment (upwards of $50,000).


The subdivision process can be time-consuming and complicated.