Acland Park

Acland Park

Acland Park is an 1100 lot development on the southern side of Rolleston. It is a fully master planned development, including many facilities such as parks, playgrounds and also a new primary school. This is one of Rolleston largest subdivisions and is being built to a very high standard.

Survus Consultants have been engaged to complete the current stages of Acland Park, and will be involved in future stages to completion.

Services provided to date have been;

  • Full Civil Engineering design
  • Contract Documentation and Tendering of civil works
  • Project Management of Civil Works including administration of NZS 3910 Contract
  • Full project management and development management of the subdivision
  • Land Transfer Surveying and 224c certification
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Acland Park Update

Stage 5,6,7 has just been titled, that includes a block which the Ministry of Education has purchased for the new Rolleston East School.

Stage 8 and 9 is now underway, which as you can see in the photos Norwest Contracting are currently completing the bulk earthworks and sewer reticulation.

We are also working on the next two stages (10 and 12) which is another 120 lots. This next stage includes a sewer pumping station and rising main design and will be connected into the existing SDC sewer reticulation.

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