Eastonfield, Rolleston


Developer testimonial

After the earthquakes our rural haven was suddenly in the heart of Rolleston with land being subdivided all around us. We had two choices, sell to a developer or subdivide the land ourselves.

As we weren’t seasoned developers we knew we would need to engage the help of a company experienced in subdivisions.

Survus consultants was one of those companies and that is who we decided to work with to do our subdivision.

Survus gave us a free consultation and broke down the costs for us. The costs have ended up being pretty much as they advised. They have managed the process for us, starting with he design and engineering, dealing with council and engaging subcontractors to complete the necessary work.

We had regular meetings and contact with them during the process and they have been very supportive and quick to answer our questions. Whilst we had one person as a main point of contact, there was also a team of people involved who all work well and communicate together to ensure that we were looked after.

We would definitely (and have already) recommend them if you were considering subdividing.

Andy and Katrina Easton

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