Subdividing in WDC

There is a new District Plan coming, and we expect major changes to the minimum lot size for rural subdivisions, in some or most parts of the District. It was intended for release mid-2020, however due to the national COVID-19 lockdown, this has now been delayed to early 2021 (March/April we believe).

So, if you own 8.0 or more hectares (20 acres) of rural land in Waimakariri District and you’ve been considering subdividing, now is the time to have a chat to our team about your options.

What are the current rules for rural subdivisions?

The current Waimakariri District Plan allows for rural subdivision and building, with a lot and dwelling density of 4.0ha being required (and certain other criteria).

What are the proposed changes?

Until the updated Plan is released, we won’t know the full details - but there are strong indications that the minimum lot size for subdivisions will increase. Simply put: it’s likely that if you want to subdivide, 8.0 hectares (2 x 4 ha lots) will no longer be enough - you’ll need a larger piece of land.

What does this mean for you?

If you own 8.0ha or more of rural zoned land, & have been considering subdivision, don’t waste time. March 2021 is not far away, and Council require a fair amount of supporting information to accompany each subdivison application, so don’t leave it until the last minute. We need a few weeks to get all this together.

How can we help you secure your options?

Mid 2021 is not far away, and the Council require a fair amount of information to go to Council in support of a subdivision application.

If you secure your subdivision consent now, it’ll be valid for five years - so while you don’t have to subdivide straight away you can lock in your consent before the rules change, and preserve your slice of rural paradise!

Give our friendly team a call or an email and we can talk you through the application and consent process.


Subdivision consent process

These steps provide an indication of the steps involved in getting your subdivision consent to secure your options for five years.

Step 1
Step 1
  • Site measure up including levels (where required)
  • Preparation of scheme plan
  • Scheme plan to client for approval & application fee
Step 2
Step 2
  • Arrange geo-tech and HAIL reports to accompany the applications to council.
  • Preparation of council application
  • Council application submitted to the council
  • Council consent approved and sent to the client

Client feedback

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All aspects of the engagement with Survus were excellent. Prompt communication, professional service, and competitive pricing. I would definitely use Survus again and recommend them.

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The subdivision process can be time-consuming and complicated.

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