Rural Subdivision


What is a rural subdivision?

It is called rural subdivision because it typically refers to farm and country subdivisions and boundary adjustments. "Rural subdivision" is the division of larger areas of farm-land into smaller parcels to allow for more intensive land use, the sale of surplus land no longer required, the rearrangement of existing titles into blocks more appropriate to their actual or intended uses, or the amalgamation of adjoining blocks of land to consolidate parcels and land-ownership.

Why subdivide?

All sorts of farmers do these for all manner of reasons – selling land to neighbours, (or buying off them), setting up for the next generation, succession planning, selling the old homestead or surplus cottage to finance a new build – you name it, they want it and we do it.

Why engage Survus?

We have lots of good ideas if you want to cash up your property or bits of it. We are big on this and are well known for our expertise in rural subdivisions. Every Council has a different set of rules as to what can be done, and this is where we can use our years of experience and ‘outside the box’ thinking to come up with innovative ideas. It is what we are most passionate about and love doing. The process can be complex and time-consuming, particularly with ‘Limited Titles’, so we like to think we take that complexity out of it, saving you stress, time and money. Plus, we don’t like it when our all of our trucks are squeaky clean, and getting out on the farm and getting some real rural dirt on the wheels keeps our team happy!

We offer free onsite consultations for rural subdivisions.

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Never subdivided before? We make it easy for you, by providing a comprehensive proposal which outlines everything you’ll need to know about subdividing.